Duo Prompt doesn't appear after rebooting Mac with Duo Authentication for MacOS

Hello team just looking for some troubleshotting steps
What if after deploying Duo it wont appear on Reboot .
there should be probably a MAc settings for which i may not aware of which could block the MFA to prompt on new console.
Any suggestion would be apprieciated.

Hi @Aayushi_Agarwal, I moved your post to its own topic since it is a distinct question and calls for its own thread. If you can tell us more about this, it will help us in answering your question here. Are you seeing any particular error message, or what exactly happens when you reboot?

Also, are you using an Apple M1 ARM-based processor? Duo Authentication for macOS does not currently support those systems. See the note in our documentation here: Two-Factor Authentication for macOS | Duo Security