Duo Passwordless: Expert Tips and Your Questions Answered!


Duo’s new Passwordless solution is now in public preview using our Duo Single Sign-On solution, and we want to make sure we address any questions you might have about it.

Please join us for this very special session led by Duo Product Manager Chris Demundo and Product Marketing Manager Ted Kietzman, where we’ll cover the new solution and everything you need to know to start your passwordless journey.

Just add your questions to this Duo Community page by February 1, then join Chris and Ted on February 3 as they share insights into this new solution, including why you would use it, how secure it is, what the benefits are, best practices for using it, technical requirements, and so much more.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How passwordless authentication can benefit organizations of every size, not just enterprises
  • The technical requirements for Duo’s Passwordless solution, and what use cases are (or aren’t!) supported
  • What current preview customers are saying about Duo’s Passwordless solution, and tips you can use for when you try it yourself
  • And of course, the answers to your burning passwordless questions

Register here:

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