DUO Packet Flow


Hi All

Im wondering if anyone has any packet flow documentation or diagrams?

I have DUO working on a windows 7 vm and am looking at it for Sales force through pingone

the request is something like
initial HTTPS request at sso.connect.example.com
Log in at sso.example.com/idp/sso.saml2
302 redirect to https://sso.example.com/idp/lbTd7/resumeSAML20/idp/SSO.ping

----Does the DUO API call happen here? Documentation would suggest it does but what are the possible responses?----

Then I get to the apps selection screen at desktop.pingone.com/example/Selection?cmd=selection&tokenid= etc , etc

Pick salesfroce and get to example.my.salesforce.com/home

An in depth traffic flow would be great if anyone can help!