Duo, Outlook, and Springshare integration - possible?


I’m a librarian at a college that just started using Duo MFA, and it’s causing a slight issue with one of the library’s online products. I want to be able to know what I’m talking about with our IT people, so I figured I’d ask to see if this is even possible before talking to them.

We use LibCal through Springshare, and LibCal can integrate with Microsoft Outlook to let students (among other things) schedule appointments with librarians. LibCal previously just needed the Outlook server address, the email address, and the password. Now that Duo’s in place, LibCal returns a “SOAP client returned status of 401” error.

So my question, for when/if we talk to our IT department: does Duo have options that would allow LibCal to be whitelisted, to let it bypass the second authentication step?

My apologies if this is the wrong place to put this; delete if necessary!

Thanks in advance!


It’s hard to answer your question without know exactly how your college implemented Duo. Is this with Exchange or Office 365? If Office 365, are they using a SSO IdP or Azure Conditional Access, etc. The answer is a bit different for each of those options.

Essentially, I think LibCal isn’t compatible with Microsoft’s Modern Authentication login experience, which is where Duo MFA is shown.

It might be better to just report your experience to your Duo administrators, so they can contact Support to discuss the technical details.