Duo on Sonicwall TZ series?


I’m trying to follow the Sonicwall SRA implementation guide on the Duo site but I’m implementing on a TZ series vs. a Sonicwall SRA series that the doc covers. I’m not able to get the portal configured to include the Duo JavaScript.

I was able to register myself by getting the registration url out of the duo proxy logs but that’s not scalable :frowning:

Has anyone gotten Duo working with the UI for a Sonicwall TZ series?


Hi gnomemade!

Our SonicWall SRA instructions and script are specifically intended for the SRA and are not compatible with other models.

You can use our generic RADIUS instructions to add Duo authentication to your TZ, with an automatic push or phone call to your users at login.

If you’d like your users to have a bit more of an interactive logon experience (selecting the factor used themselves) you can configure RADIUS in challenge mode. Please see the radius_server_challenge configuration in the Authentication Proxy Reference.

Thanks for trying Duo!