Duo notifications to iPhone and AppleWatch broken on iOS 16 Public Beta

I updated my iPhone to iOS 16 Public Beta. I can still use Duo to authenticate my university’s sites, but I no longer get pushes to my iPhone nor my AppleWatch. I have tried toggling on and off the Notifications to no avail. Any other hints? Anyone else encountering this problem with iOS 16 Public Beta?


Thank you for letting us know, David. I shared your feedback with Duo Mobile engineers. We don’t officially support the iOS public beta, but we’ll have Duo Mobile ready by the time iOS 16 is generally available.

One suggestion: you may want to try updating to the public WatchOS Beta as well.

Thanks, I did a lot of fiddling including toggling off and on settings, and adding Duo to my Focus settings to allow pushes and it started working this evening as before.

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P.S. When I add apps like Duo to a focus, the pushes work again. It would seem that the only way to get pushes in the current build of iOS 16 is to explicitly add it to the focus that one is using at the moment.

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In the meantime, iOS 16 has left the beta phase, the problem still exists with colleagues and me. Adding it to a Focus unfortunately did not remedy the situation. Is this being worked on?

We are experiencing this same issue, any ideas?

If it helps, here is how I have things set up in Focus. It’s worked fine since I added Duo and a few other apps to Focus. I am up to the latest version of Public Beta 16.1 now.

We just had a user report that it is now working on their Apple Watch, I am going to check on an iPhone user

I was the person who first posted on this issue, and at least for me, I am pretty sure it’s an iOS issue in the way that Apple is implementing Focus. A year ago, I spent weeks trying to figure out why I was not getting audio notifications in iMessage. They were all getting intercepted by my Apple Watch. I was missing important notifications because I did not feel the haptic buzz on my Apple Watch. I spent hours on the phone with Apple support to no avail. I removed my focus settings and reset them, again to no avail. And then it hit me, that what Apple had done was give priority to notifications to a device such as Apple Watch. If my watch was charging and I got a notification, it would come through to my phone instead. There is a setting in the Watch app on my iPhone that allowed my send notifications to the Notification Center of my watch. And Eureka, it started working again. The issue I was having with Duo and other apps is an Apple problem. It was not just Duo on iOS 16, but instead it was any app that was not manually added to a Focus setting.

The combination of adding an app (like Duo) and sending notifications to Notification Center on the Apple Watch lets me get Duo on either my phone or watch without fail.

Reading some of the other posts, there may be more to it, but that is how I got things to work to my liking.

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I have lost my push notifications for Duo, banking, Nest doorbell, etc… Pretty much every app that sends this type of alert.

I only have one category (Do Not Disturb) and have Focus turned off but added the apps to the Allow lists anyway. So far no joy at all on receiving alerts.

Currently at iOS 16.0.3 on iPhone 11 Pro

I recommend you create something like “Personal” and add Duo, etc. to it. It’s not enough to have nothing. You need a Focus setting that explicitly allows Duo, etc.

Thanks for the feedback.

Since my last post I reactivated my device from the Duo Admin Panel and confirmed that my phone shows properly for my user on the panel. I also opened a support case and followed their advice (which confirmed that these steps were the proper ones). Still not working.

Following your suggestion, I added a new Focus called Always and added every app on my phone to it, turned it on manually/smart activation off, shared across devices, Options: Show on Lock screen ON / Hide Off

Still no joy. I think I’ll head to the Apple forums next. If you have any other suggestions or run into something new, please continue to share.


any chance you have an Apple Watch? I ran into an issue with apps like duo in iOS 15 because the Apple Watch was interfering with notifications from pushes like the ones we get from duo and there’s a setting in the watch app on the iPhone that gives the phone priority for notifications and that fixed it for me

I thought it was maybe a shared device but my only other is an old iPad (iOS 12 is the max it can load). It doesn’t have Duo installed.

As a test, I installed Duo on my iPad. It is a Mini4 so max is iOS 12.5.6 and Duo is v3.60.0. Push notifications on it work fine. I don’t always have my iPad with me and it is personal, not work so not a final solution, just another clue