DUO not prompting after initial windows logon but does prompt after lock & unloc

We are trying to use DUO for 2 factor authentication. The problem is, we do not get a DUO prompt after the initial windows logon, but we do after we lock the screen and enter windows creds to unlock the screen.

These are Windows 10 machines that are using McAfee Drive Encryption with the McAfee Pre Boot Authentication disabled.

So far, 2 systems are working like they are supposed to, but the rest have the above problem.
All are running the same OS. All of them are running the same McAfee configuration. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could check that may be causing this issue?


Hi @Tralfaz, thanks for sharing your question in the Duo Community! We have seen this before when systems are using encryption software. Per our documentation, Duo does not support the use of encryption software or other credential providers. I know you mention Pre Boot Authentication is disabled. This should allow it to work correctly, so long as it’s not storing the Windows username and password before boot to automatically log on. You may want to reach out to Duo Support for further investigation and troubleshooting.