Duo mobile stopped working

Set up every 2fa in my Duo mobile app. All of a sudden, none of them work any longer.

when requesting any code, it gives me a code, but the code never works.
The countdown timer is ALWAYS at zero. I never get a code with a countdown as it did when it was working. every code appears with ‘0s until refresh’

I’m not a sophisticated 2fa user, but I’ve been using Duo mobile for years and it always has just worked.

How can I fix this issue and if there is a fatal flaw, how can i get into my accounts again? I’m blindsided and locked out of virtually everything.


Hi @deano, thank you for reporting this issue to us!

Are you using an Android or iOS device? We’ve seen something similar happen before on Duo Mobile for Android on an Android Go phone with countdown animations not working. Passcodes freeze at 0s and never get refreshed. The Duo Mobile development team is going to investigate this issue further.

In the meantime, some solutions for this are as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Accessibility → Text and Display → Remove Animations toggle and ensure this setting is turned off.
  2. If you don’t want to turn off that setting, as a workaround you can force quit Duo Mobile and restart to refresh the passcodes. They should work when you reopen the app.

Good news, @deano! Happy to announce that we fixed this issue with the release of Android 4.14.0. Thank you again for speaking up about the problem.

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