Duo Mobile Push Notification only appears on Data

Users with their phone with the Duo App on WiFi will not get the duo push notification until they switch to data.

Hi @Connor_M ,

The wireless network may be preventing communication from Duo. I’d recommend you contact the IT Administrator who manages said Wi-Fi network for assistance. Also, please see Duo’s for tips troubleshooting Push notifications on iOS and Android.

Hope this helps!

I am the IT Technician in the company so I suppose that’s me. What exactly am I looking for here? IP address? Some type of website name? We got a web filter yes but I don’t recall changing anything recently to cause it to stop functioning.

Does this issue occur with both iOS and Android devices using Duo Mobile?

The two reported cases were myself on a Samsung Galaxy S22 and a Samsung SM-S908U so both Android. I can’t say if anyone with an iPhone is having issues yet.

Take a look at the KB article I linked above regarding Android device notifications and note the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) bullet points. Off the bat, make sure the following ports are allowed for FCM to operate on your wireless network:

  • TCP 5228
  • TCP 5229
  • TCP 5230

Try all of the relevant steps in the KB and, if iOS devices also experience the same issue, see the iOS KB article I posted earlier to look for Apple Push Notification (APN) troubleshooting steps.

Both FCM and APN are what make Duo Push possible on their respective mobile devices.