Duo Mobile on two phones


one user has two phones.
How DUO decides which DUO Mobile using to authenticate, if both devices are online?

thank you.


If your applications shows the Duo Prompt in a browser then the user with two phones can select the device before initiating the authentication request. If you have the self-service portal feature enabled, then the user can choose the default device for authentication.

If you’re using an application that doesn’t show the Duo Prompt, then you can rearrange the device order for the user from the Duo Admin Panel. When the user types in a factor name like “push” or “phone” the request automatically goes to the first device in the list that’s capable of using that factor.


You can also choose a secondary device during logins that don’t support a web interface by using Append Mode - https://guide.duosecurity.com/append-mode

Like this -



password,787495 (soft / hard token)