Duo Mobile for VPN how to change from push to passcode

I have a user that is traveling and this is what is stated:

Whenever my phone is in airplane mode (e.g., on an airplane), I am not able to access the VPN because it sends a push to my phone rather than letting me enter a passcode.

Hi @Tim_Watson ,

Depending on the integration type, your VPN application may support Append Mode (concatenation). This will allow the end user to designate an authn factor via the same field as their primary authn password. To see if your VPN appliance supports this, please verify the RADIUS authn protocol in use (append mode is not supported when using MS-CHAPv2 or EAP-MSCHAPv2).

Auto Mode is likely the behavior this end user is experiencing and, since the 2FA device has Duo Mobile activated, it will always automatically perform a Duo Push for secondary authn. Auto Mode supports Phone Call as an alternative authn method when Duo Mobile is not activated.

If the user would like to use Duo Mobile Passcodes during airplane mode, then Append Mode is likely your best option (if supported) since the 2FA device cannot receive a Push, SMS, or phone call.

Hope this helps!

Thank you DuoPablo for the information. I am just trying to do my due diligence and find an answer for this user who states that there will be others.

I followed the user’s description of his issue and when I am completely offline I can’t get to the VPN which means Duo will not trigger.

I know that the company will not just do what you mentioned below since this looks like it would be a global setting. Now I just have to find the words to let them know it isn’t possible unless there is a change in the global settings.

Thanks again,