Duo Mobile for older iOS releases?

By any chance the upcoming Duo Mobile releases can support older iOS releases such like iOS 8 or iOS 9? The iOS devices I’m still using are too old to upgrade to iOS 10:

- iPad Mini 1: supports up to iOS 9.3.5
- iPad 1: supports up to iOS 7.1.2

As far as I know, Google Authenticator supports older iOS versions such like iOS 8 but given that Google Authenticator can not be used without Due Mobile, I have to re-register my Duo callback landline number on a weekly basis(no, I don’t have mobile phone number).

Thank you.

Hi Liang, Duo Mobile for iOS has not been supported for iOS 8 and 9 for quite some time and we have no plans to build in retroactive support for them. Our support for Duo Mobile on iOS 8 ended on September 1, 2017 and our support for Duo Mobile on iOS 9 ended on April 1, 2018. These operating systems are no longer fully supported by Apple and focusing on newer OSs allows us to continue building helpful and secure features.

With that said, if you install (or have already installed) Duo Mobile on devices with those older OSes, push and app-generated passcode authentications should function normally. Our end of support milestones indicate that we will no longer troubleshoot issues with the app on those older OSes.

Is it possible to make those older Duo Mobile releases available on AppStore for download(yes, it’s an AppStore feature) such that users with older devices can still get access to the basic functions(push & passcode) of Duo Mobile by through installing those ‘iOS 8/9 compatible’ alternatives.

No, that is not possible at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Duo Mobile running on my iOS 8 device always gives ‘Account Error Invalid request parameters’ when I try to add a new account.

If I use the ‘Email me an activation link instead’ feature, Duo Mobile gives me ‘Activation Failed The activation code was invalid or has expired. Please contact your administrator for a new activation code.’

Which version of Duo Mobile are you trying to use on your iOS 8 device?

Duo Mobile Version

I see. Unfortunately, versions of Duo Mobile older than 3.17 are no longer able to activate new accounts nor reactivate accounts with our services.

Sounds like there are some protocol related changes after 3.17. Is it possible to provide compatibility mode at server side such that users can activate their devices?

Unfortunately, no, that is not an available option.