DUO Mobile device insight without using the DUO APP

Hello Team,

Is it possible to gather details about a phone, such as Disk encryption status, Lock screen status…etc, without using the DUO APP or any MDM APP on the phone? I understand there are certain APIs that can be called and would like more information on this.

I couldn’t find any current documentation to explain this.


The Duo service only receives that mobile device-specific information from the Duo Mobile app.

Hello Kristina,

Thank you for the update. Does this mean if a device is managed by an MDM server, we cant get this information sent to DUO? From my understanding, DUO can integrate with a few MDM servers.

You can use the MDMs we support (AirWatch, MobileIron, Google, …) to manage the Duo Mobile app as part of our Trusted Endpoints feature, but Duo is not importing device information directly from your MDM into Duo.