Duo Mobile Asks for Verification When NOT Trying to Connect

My company recently changed from connecting to VPN from Aruba VIA to Global Protect and now several times throughout the day I get a Duo verification on my phone asking if I’m trying to connect to our VPN, but I’m not. I don’t think it’s fraud (too much of a coincidence that it’s happening after the switch) and it also sometimes happens when my computer wakes up, even though I’m disconnected from the VPN. Is this a bug? Is there a fix? My IT told me to just dismiss the verification, but that’s a pain. I don’t want to get the notifications. Any advice?

Hello @rsuvalle , welcome to the Duo Community!

There are a few reasons this might happen with the Global Protect VPN depending on whether or not it’s configured to use cookies to override authentication, which is explained further in this Palo Alto article. There could be a configuration issue between the Gateway and the Portal, something wrong with the Authentication Override settings, or the RADIUS timeout might be too low.

The troubleshooting will most likely need to be done on the side of your IT administrator. This help article will explain the issue further with possible solutions. You might also find our Palo Alto GlobalProtect documentation helpful.

Hope this helps!