Duo Mobile app account list design change coming May 21, 2018


Today we are excited to announce the start of our redesign for the Duo Mobile app. We will be introducing new features and redesigning various screens of the app throughout the rest of the year, starting with version 3.21.0 on May 21, 2018. This update will feature changes to the appearance of the account list; specific details are provided later in this post.

As we progress through these changes, our goal is to make Duo Mobile easier to use and understand for both first-time users with a single account and expert users with many accounts. We are modernizing both the front and backend of Duo Mobile to better align with mobile OS design standards and to better support new OS features.

All of the upcoming design changes have been tested and validated through usability testing and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from real users. Later this year we will introduce an early-access beta testing program for Duo Mobile where you can test the latest changes before we publicly release them via the normal app update process.

We are committed to providing Duo Admins advance notice of changes to our app and services. For changes that do not affect workflows, we will provide a minimum of 2 weeks of notice via our community forum (where you are reading this right now!). You can subscribe to notifications for new release notes by following the process described here. For larger changes to workflows or major new features, we will provide a minimum of 1 month notice via email to Duo Admins.

Going forward, Duo Mobile will be updating more frequently, much like many of the other business apps you use everyday.

As stated above, the changes in Duo Mobile version 3.21.0 for iOS and Android focus on improvements to the main account list screen. Key highlights are as follows:

  • We removed the key icon
    • Our research showed that users did not understand this icon or its functionality.
  • New TOTP Countdown Timer
    • A long requested feature, now you’ll know when codes are expiring.
  • New HOTP Refresh Button
    • A refresh icon is much more informative than a key.
  • Refined spacing, sizing, and wording
    • Making codes/accounts more accessible and legible.
  • Simplified language and help text
    • We have rewritten our app help text to be easier to understand with consistent language.

These changes are subtle and self-explanatory, but you may want to update any screenshots you have in your internal documentation.

We always enjoy hearing from our customers, so if you have feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to email us at mobilefeedback@duosecurity.com. We also would very much appreciate your rating on the app store. App ratings help give your users confidence in downloading Duo Mobile to their personal devices.

Below are screenshots of the changes we are introducing to Duo Mobile:

Duo Release Notes for May 25, 2018