Duo Mobie Push Issues


Can anyone tell me why it has taken 3 pushes to access my email, my online web pages have lost the work I had done without a prompt for saving them, and my Webex meeting app has crashed completely since Duo was installed. This has quickly become the bane of our working lives and has seriously impacted productivity. It appears that weak connectivity means that Duo isn’t robust enough to consider that the connectivity isn’t there and instead times out, wiping out whatever progress you had from the app that initiated the Duo pop-up in the first place. There does not seem to be any prior notification that a Duo Push is pending. For instance, if I try to access my email ahead of time for an important client meeting t join a Skye or WebEx, this inevitably is when Duo gets all need and wants attention. Getting through this on the fly is no fun.



No one here will be able to give you a clear answer without any detail, but I can tell you your experience is not at all typical, and to me sounds like either a serious issue at the integration side of things, whatever that is in your environment. I’ve used Duo at multiple companies and never had anyone experience anywhere near what you are; the worst is we’d have the rare phone that just wouldn’t show the push notification but never had anyone lose work over it. Skype, Webex and email shouldn’t be prompting you more often for Duo than for your username/password, and for Office 365 that is ~90 days by default.

If you’re not the Duo admin for your company you need to escalate this to them. If you are, you need to call Duo support and get help to figure out why your authentication is a mess.



Thanks Glitch. I have escalated this to Admin at IT and they have no idea what to do. By default, some of our systmem web pages are set to prompt for a push everytime we access the webpage or if it times out (similar to the timut on your PC/laptop). Email, Skype etc are set to prompt everytime the app is loaded unless you select the “remember me for 7 days” check box.

Theres a few of us with connectivity issues. Today, I had half a Duo pop-up appearand then it dissappeared leaving a Http: 404 error within the window. Currently locked out of Outlook and Skype. This is so secure even I can’t get into my own systems… :slight_smile:



Now have SSO SAML2.0 errors.