DUO Microsoft RDG and RRAS

Good morning,

I was wondering if anyone has been able to get DUO protecting both Microsoft RDG and RRAS on the same Windows Server install?

In order to install Microsoft RDG you need to install NPS on the server, with NPS installed the RADIUS authentication option for RRAS disappears. It appears only one or the other is allowed.

I have been able to setup 2 servers one with the DUO Auth Proxy for VPN and RRAS and a second with the RDG proxy and everything works assuming i have two SSL certs and two public IPs to carry traffice over 443 to my respective internal servers.

Any guidance, or simply a discussion may set off a light bulb.


Hi @BrianM and welcome to the Duo Community! I recommend reaching out to our Duo Support team for assistance with this. I believe it is possible, but it’s not officially tested and supported. The support team can advise you on the steps that you’ll need to follow. Thanks!