Duo MFA for android below 7 version

We have configured cisco DUO as a 2FA but we are facing issue for android users who had android version less than 7. I enrolled the mobile phone without duo mobile app using mobile number. However, I dont receive any passcode. Can you please guide us how to use duo mfa for android mobile phone with version less than 7? Is there any other option(like : email) so we can bind users who are using android version less than 7?

Hi @Nischit, what applications or services are you protecting with Duo, and which Duo edition are you currently using (Free, MFA, Access, etc.)? That will help us to answer your question more accurately!

If a user is unable to download Duo Mobile from their native app store, one option they have is to sideload the app using the Duo Mobile APK. There are steps on how to do this in the help article linked there.

If the user appears in the Duo Admin Panel and they have a mobile number associated to their account, they should be able to receive passcodes, but it depends. Do you have telephony credits? Did you select the Text me new codes button after clicking Enter a Passcode in the Duo Prompt (or did you type “sms” in the “second password” field)? See the end-user guide for more info on using a cell phone or landline with Duo.

Hi Amy,

Thank you for the response.

I am protecting the Cisco Radius VPN application. Currently, I am using the free version till the time the license for MFA arrives. Tomorrow or the day after, I will be using the Duo MFA edition.

We have 5 credits in the free edition. I did not get an option to select Text me new codes button after clicking Enter a Passcode in the Duo Prompt nor I can type “sms” in the “second password” field

Thank you for providing more details.

Since you are using RADIUS to protect a Cisco VPN application and that specific configuration does not support the interactive web-based Duo Prompt, those steps don’t apply here and this is expected behavior. Please disregard.

What documentation are you following to set this up? I’m looking at the Cisco AnyConnect RADIUS instructions for reference. You normally will receive an automatic push or phone call after entering your username and password, but you can add a comma (",") to the end of your password, followed by a Duo passcode or another method (such as “SMS” to receive a new batch of passcodes via SMS).

Please try adding “,sms” to the end of your password when you log in like so:

username: bob
password: password123,sms

One thing to note is that your telephony credits may not be sufficient to send an SMS message in some countries. See the rate card for more info.

Please note that you can contact Duo Support (yes, even folks on the Duo Free edition get support!) for faster and honestly probably better assistance. For additional troubleshooting with this, I recommend contacting them :slight_smile: