Duo MFA for an IIS Website


I was curious if anyone has had experiencing implementing Duo for an IIS website.

Currently I have Powershell Web Access running in IIS and would love to incorporate MFA.

We currently use Duo extensively across our company, and would love to leverage it here.

Any direction or assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Hi seanmc,

This thread may have the answer you’re looking for:

This KB article has some suggestions for protecting SharePoint that would also apply to a standard IIS application/website.

Another option is the Duo Network Gateway , which is a reverse proxy for web apps that adds Duo MFA.

Hope that helps!


Forgive my ignorance here. I’m no web developer and this is all new to me. Is there a use case of anyone using the ASP.NET libraries I can glean some information off of?



The community would be the right place to find someone. :smiley: From my initial searches, I haven’t come across a use case so far that I can easily point you to, but there are a few resources that might help:

Hopefully someone who has tried this before can chime in! You may also want to reach out to people who have asked similar questions on the community in the past.