Duo making me be redirect to the 2FA page while trying to access the main page

Hey guys, can someone help me, please?

I have installed Duo on my WordPress, and sometimes, when I try to access the main page (the site is built on WordPress), the page asking to send a push notification from Duo appears.

I am afraid this can be preventing users to get access to my site. What could cause this, please? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey ewsg,
Your fastest route for troubleshooting this is to work with the Duo Support team, so I strongly recommend you contact them. However, I’ll try to help you if I can! I am not familiar with using this plugin myself, so I am just going based off of our KB and docs here.

Do you have a multisite WordPress installation? This article on why Duo unexpectedly prompts some user roles to authenticate to the primary WordPress site sounds like it could be the same issue you’re describing.

When you configured the plugin, for which roles did you enable two-factor authentication?

You mention this happens sometimes, but not all. Are there any particular circumstances you’ve noticed under which you do or don’t see the Duo Prompt?

You might also find the Duo for WordPress FAQ helpful for more info and troubleshooting tips.


Thank you very much. :slight_smile:
So, I checked the article, but it refers to multisite, and I don’t use that.
Also, when configuring the plugin, I’ve set up for all roles. Is this correct, please? :slight_smile:
I noticed the problem myself, don’t know if some visitor have already experienced the same issue, and I am afraid because of that.

Also, please, how to contact Duo Support Team? What’s the link, please?

Oops, sorry forgot to include the link! Get information about how to contact Duo Support here.

Yes, I think so based on the documentation. I’m not sure why you are running into this then, so definitely contact support for further help :slight_smile:

And if anyone else in the community has an idea or would like to chime in, please feel free!

Hello Amy!

Thank you very much. I have already contacted them. :slight_smile:

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