Duo Linux is very slow to authenticate

I have DUO Linux running on RHEL 7.9, and it is functional; it authenticates me for SSH access as desired. However, it takes a long time to initiate its communication with DUO. When I run a packet capture, the server will not reach out to Duo for at least 15 seconds. Prior to this, NOTHING is sent to Duo. We have this all working perfectly under RHEL 6.10; the latency there is below 2 seconds.
I feel that this may be due to an incompatibility between the DUO modules and the SSHD or PAMD services on the newer RHEL version. Has anyone seen this? Does anyone have any ideas I can try?

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Hi @davegibson this is an interesting observation … Our applications team hasn’t seen a report of latency with these specific RedHat versions, so it will take some more hands-on investigation to find out what’s going on.

I recommend contacting Duo Support and sharing log files here:

You could also test with login_duo to see if you get the same results. Your Support Engineer may want to try this out as well.

Report back here with what you find out!