Duo is looking for UX testers!


We’d love for you to take part in a 25-minute remote usability test. All you need is a PC or Mac, and a smartphone. We’ll even provide an Amazon gift card in return! If you or someone you know would like to be a tester, please email uxtest@duo.com.

We’re interested in people in the following roles for testing:

  • IT Admins
  • Help Desk
  • End-users


I’d love to participate. Is it only 1-time test or more sessions are expected ?
FYI I’m already Duo customer, I hope this is not problem.


Our testing sessions are 1-time, although many testers say the experience is enjoyable and come back for subsequent sessions weeks or months after their first one. I hope this helps; please send an email to uxtest@duo.com if you’d like to participate!