Duo Integration to Netscaler Gateway


I have a new requirement to get our netscaler using 2fa with Duo as that second factor.
The following guides have been followed & checked by another person & can see nothing wrong, configured as per the guides.

We are using version 13 of netscaler gateway & the latest duo proxy. No configuration errors are seen when configuring the proxy.
I configure the netscaler virtual server & can see the 3 boxes, dont really want the password2 box, as that should just be for duo. Also I have another virtual server that needs the password2 field, so cant globally hide the box.
Whichever way that I configure this, either with the authentication profile, or secondary radius method I get the same. The first screen takes the details (entering push in password2) then I get another page with just password, then no matter what I put in there it just takes me back to the main login screen.
Does the Storefront server need any reconfiguring? The gateway for this URL is currently set to just domain, not domain & security token. There is no mention in either of the sites above, so guess it doesnt.
Is this something that ideally should be taken to the Duo support team. This is the first time having any issues with duo.


Hi Matt, thanks for joining the Duo Community and welcome! I do think the Duo Support team will be the best equipped to help you with this. You will want to open a support case with them for faster assistance. Thanks!