DUO Integration for Windows Logon

I installed DUO Authentication for Windows version 4.1.3.
Installed it on Windows 10 pro activated image. It is giving "Bad request timestamp () [40105]. API is reachable and copying exact Integration and Secret key from DUO admin panel. Please suggest what exactly the issue is. Not getting any document to troubleshoot this issue.

Hi @pranav !

Please see the following Knowledge Base (KB) article; it references this API response/error message with regards to Duo for Winlogon: Knowledge Base | Duo Security


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didn’t get in this article. I am using rest API for 2FA. aways getting responses like below.

“code”: 40105,
“message”: “Bad request timestamp”,
“stat”: “FAIL”


@Sujit_Mendapara This API response/error code is related to NTP. Even though you are not be using Duo for Winlogon like pranav is, you may still want to check if there is a time delay. Please see Knowledge Base | Duo Security

NTP and time is very important for Duo integration.
I recommend syncing with a NTP pool and making sure the time is accurate.