Duo integrated via asp.net SDK


Our customer would like to integrate Duo MFA with their internal web apps by asp.net. We surfed that it seems asp.net only being supported in Duo Web v2 SDK, not Web v4 SDK.

Could we support asp.net integration with duo via Duo web v2 SDK? Does it work now? Thanks for the clarification.AAA,

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We plan to make a Duo Universal prompt (v4) C# Web SDK available around October 2021. In the meantime, you could start development now with the v2 SDK and update your application to use the v4 SDK when it’s released, or you could implement Duo 4 in your application now via direct OIDC calls using the OIDC Auth API (our Duo 4 Universal SDKs are language-specific implementations of this API).

We surfed the below URL to deploy asp.net integration with Duo via web v2 SDK.
Add Duo Two Factor Authentication to your ASP.Net project : Robots Need Coffee
We couldn’t find the DuoWeb.dll in the duo_dotnet zip file which was download from Github, GitHub - duosecurity/duo_dotnet: Duo two-factor authentication for ASP.NET web applications.
Could you provide us DuoWeb.dll file and the exact sop of asp.net integrated with Duo MFA via web v2 SDK? Or any other feasible way to deploy asp.net with Duo? Thanks.

From the article you linked:

After extracting all the files, open the solution in Visual Studio, build the project, then you will need two files “ DuoWeb.dll ” which is in the Demo\bin\Debug folder.

You need to build the project.