Duo iframe communication


The delivered Duo iframes are nice, but they have a fixed height for content that varies widely in height. It has been a point of confusion for end users and we have found it difficult to find a goldilocks height that is not too short or too tall.

There are protocols for communicating between a containing window and a cross-domain iframe (window.postMessage), which could be used to communicate height information so the container can resize appropriately.

Is anything like that available for Duo, or any other way I’m not aware of to dynamically resize the frame?

Related, are there any other messages or events that get passed to the containing window that can be responded to?


Hi Jeremiah - Were you able to access the iframe?


The problem in the original post still persists, AFAIK. There is no communication of content height to the parent window, so the iframe cannot be sized dynamically.


Thank you for the update. Looks like using DUO API is the alternative.