Duo Gateway with Connectwise Manage


i found this thread: Duo Access Gateway and ADFS
for setting up connectwise manage with DAG and/or ADFS, however no actual setup instructions for duo, only the ADFS stuff.

I have DAG working with other SAML apps, but with connectwise im getting "Server error. Please contact your Administrator. "

ive configured all the settings correctly, does anyone have any additional guides, or can help me out?

Oof. Trying to get support for SAML out of ConnectWise is an exercise in futility. When we had AD FS with the Duo AD FS proxy, we couldn’t get it to work. They claimed that they, “don’t support MFA with SAML”. Their support obviously has no understanding about how SAML works and they wouldn’t let me talk to a developer or someone with a clue. Then again, they may mean that they support WS-Fed only but are calling it SAML.

I keep meaning to go back and try with DAG or Azure SAML with Duo as the MFA provider, but just haven’t had the cycles to tackle it.

If you figure it out, you’d be helping a lot of people. If I figure it out, I’ll post the solution.

your first 3 letters describes Connectwise support. :slight_smile:

i will be trying again next week to see if i can figure it out.