Duo free - reconnect to wordpress duo-protected site


I’ve spent all evening hunting thru settings on Duo and my wp install and can’t seem to find what should be dead simple.

I have a new phone and need to reconnect my duo-protected wordpress app. I can’t seem to find where the qr code might get generated or where to generate a manual activation code.

I’ve tried enable Duo restore but I’m either doing it wrong or it’s not working for me either. I’m just on duo free so the self-service portal isn’t an option…

How should I be going about this?


Hi clendantec, are you trying to reactivate Duo Mobile? If you enabled self-service on your WordPress integration and have a backup 2FA device (or still have access to your old phone), you can use this method: https://guide.duo.com/manage-devices#reactivate-duo-mobile

You can also reactivate Duo Mobile via the Admin Panel using the following method: Duo Admin - Mobile Activation Code | Duo Security