Duo Free | Android App | No option for biometric unlock

I have recently migrated from Lastpass to Bitwarden - the final straw was submitting a 2FA bypass bug, via their bug bounty, and being told it was a duplicate from 2015! (still not patched).

Bitwarden’s 2FA is currently enabled via Google Authenticator codes (Authy).

I saw the option for Cisco Duo to be used with the Premium version of Bitwarden. I’ve registered for a free Duo account and I’ve enabled push notifications.

One thing I can’t see, is an option to unlock/confirm the phone’s push notifications using biometrics. I was previously using the LastPass authenticator app and that required biometrics to confirm login attempts. Authy also uses Biometrics to unlock the 2FA vault.

Does that feature exist in Cisco Duo?

Hi @chatmandu,

If I’m understanding your request correctly, it sounds like you’d like to enable biometric verification for Duo Push. At the moment, that functionality is available for Duo Access and Duo Beyond customers. It’s not available with Duo Free.

If you want more information about this feature, you can find it here: Duo Administration - Policy & Control | Duo Security

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Are there any plans to enable that specific feature for the free version?

$6 p/m seems a bit steep for such basic functionality and I have no use for the other bundled add-ons.