Duo, Foxpass, Harware Token


Hello - Trying to get Foxpass and Duo working together with a YubiKey.

I already have it working via Push, and the Foxpass site says it only support Duo via push, so I know I need to do this via a DuoProxy.

Trying to figure out the correct configuration for this and I’ve had issues. Foxpass logs show incorrect password entered due to password,hardware push. Any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


The Foxpass site states “Foxpass only works with Duo Push”.

Therefore, per Foxpass, you cannot use your YubiKey. You may only use Duo Mobile to approve push requests.

Please contact Foxpass with questions about how they implemented Duo RADIUS support, and why they restrict the usable factor to just push.

Our authentication proxy does support appending a passcode after password, but I’m guessing Foxpass isn’t dropping the comma delimiter and instead treats the whole password+passcode string as the password, which is, of course, an invalid password.

Thanks for trying Duo!


OK - I know that it can be done via the proxy, was hoping someone here had figured it out on the forums. We had it this way at prior place of employment, however, I was not involved in the setup just knew that duo and foxpass were used successfully with a hardware token.