Duo for Windows Breaks SSPR at Login Screen

We’ve been testing Duo for Windows Logon (RDP) for a while now. When it is installed on a Windows Device (Win10 or Win11), the ability to perform a self-service password reset directly from the logon screen is broken.

Microsoft states that that “Some third party credential providers are known to cause problems with this feature”. I’m guessing that Duo is one of these which can cause trouble.

Self-service password reset for Windows devices - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs

Might it be possible to update the Duo client for Windows to allow SSPR from the logon screen?

Thank you!

You can configure Duo for Windows Logon so it can coexist with other credential providers (to allow access to the MS SSPR provider after installing Duo).

Learn more about this here: Can I permit use of other credential providers after installing Duo?