Duo for VMware Horizon View with Yubikey


Is it possible to use a Yubikey (or something similar) to authenticate to VMware Horizon View with Duo?


Yes, you can use hardware tokens (including Yubikeys) with Duo and Horizon View.

  1. Follow the instructions for deploying Duo with View using RADIUS challenge.
  2. Import your hardware token (which could be a Yubikey) via the Duo Admin Panel and attach it to a user.
  3. Make sure your Yubikey is configured for OTP (you can do this with the Yubico Personalization Tool). U2F won’t work with View.
  4. Log in to View; when you are prompted for a Duo factor tap the Yubikey to enter a passcode (or for a traditional hardware token, enter the passcode shown on the token).