Duo for UNIX not working

Hi All,

I was wondering if somebody can assist with where I am going wrong, because the guide to setup either pam_duo or login_duo seem to lack in proper instructions and don’t give good enough details for new comers to duo.

I followed pam_duo to a tee. Every thing setup correctly (443 is open outbound and inbound to all traffic and so is 80), I set up all the keys etc. so I then logged out of SSH to then try jump on PuTTy and log back in expecting it to make me authenticate with duo and duo didn’t work at all. This is a local root user I was trying it with as its just a test box for now just so I can get a proof of concept to work, or attempt to.

So, I tried it with login_duo next, every going fine, did the test “/usr/sbin/login_duo” which worked to an extent, gave me the link to enroll which was good, I thought everything was going fine. Until again, jumped off PuTTy, SSHd back in and still no DUO authenticator…

If I do “ssh root@cockpit.local” it then asks me to authenticate through DUO and sends me codes or push to authenticate to my duo app, but doing it through PuTTy doesn’t.

Don’t ask me to do login -d either, because that just repeats what the “ssh root@cockpit.local” does and asks me to authenticate with duo.

So, ofcourse I am going wrong somewhere, but where?

I use a VPN to jump on to the network the Linux box is on, but thats about it.

Any assistance would be appreciated.