Duo for two different company

Hi There,

I am consultant with multiple project with different company, I have duo set up for one company A, then my second client (company B), also use Duo, I am using my cell number for company A, also plan to use the same cell for Company B.

Is there any issue on this?

Hi Zac! I haven’t tested with separate companies but I do use Duo for private and work applications. I can’t imagine there would be an issue. Just note that if you have the app and enroll in Duo with both companies, you will have two separate “accounts” (rows on the app) for each company that provides passcodes. They should be named after the company or you can rename them so you know which is which. To rename it on Android, press down on the row of the account and click “edit account”. I’m sure it’s similar to iOS. Good luck!

I use for two separate universities that use duo without issue. Plus I also have duo for the console. Works fine.

Same here. I have the same phone number assigned to three different Duo corporate instances, and a bunch of numbers that share in 2 of them as well. It’s all separate so won’t be a problem.

Thank you all! Yes no issue so far.