Duo for RDP on a Windows VM processed by Veeam

We plan to install DUO on ESXi VM’s running Windows.
These VM are processed by Veeam Backup and Replication : Replicas and Backups of these Vm’s are created.
Veeam sometimes need to log to the guest OS (the Windows OS): would installing DUO for RDP prevent Veeam from working properly?
Thank for your thoughts

My tests show that installing DUO on protected Windows VM’s does not pose any problem : Veeam Backup and Replication is still able to create Backup and Replicas for these VM’s :grinning:

What if you are using Orchestrator to perform automated testing of those backups/replicas? I thought this was the scenario you were referring to. I wonder if it would interfere with it being able to boot and access parts of the system for testing. I know something as simple as requiring UAC Prompts can hinder some of those tests.

@BWarrenITC Great finding! I had not been thinking about this. As I am not using Orchestrator, Duo won’t pose problem. But yes, if I were using it (or UAC), I think Duo should provide a way to overcome this. Duo team: any thoughts on this ?

If Orchestrator performs the tests with a named Windows account you can create that account in Duo as a user with bypass status. That way any Duo prompt for that user won’t require interactive 2FA.

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