Duo For RD gateway not working


I have installed Duo RD GW on my Microsoft RDP Gateway.
I add the correct parameters during installation.
When I try and connect to my Office I am d unable to connect at all and there is no 2FA prompt.
Without the Duo, the Gateway works as it should.
I have also tried installing the RDP option.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi @itamarka, I recommend working with Duo Support on this. All Duo administrators, regardless of which Duo edition you are on, get some type of support. Check out the support page for more information on how to contact them. You should also check out this article “How do I use the support tool for Duo Authentication for Windows Logon?” for what info to include with your ticket when you open a support case related to Duo for Windows Logon (RDP). Thanks, and good luck!