Duo for AnyConnect on Asa

Hey guys,
So I am trying to implement Duo for Anyconnect Vpn, and proxy seems to working alright, I can see logs in my Authproxy text file and it says. Duo authentication returned ‘Deny’ : 'Login timed out.'

**My account was locked out and I got an email too from Duo regarding this but for some reason I am not getting Duo push on my cellphone.
What could be the reason , I have set anyconnect timeout to 60 seconds on ASA too.

Hi @asfand ,

Looks like you’re still working on the issue you shared in this original post. It’s a good idea to continue conversations in the same thread instead of creating new posts for the same issue. Here are our full community guidelines.

Here are some articles with suggestions for troubleshooting push notifications not arriving at your device:

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