Duo for Android Gingerbread



My employer will likely soon be rolling out the Duo Mobile app for two-factor authentication, so I’ll soon be required to download the Duo Mobile app from the Google Play store. However, the phone I’d be installing it on is still running Android Gingerbread (2.3.4, I think). The Play store doesn’t currently offer a version compatible with my device. Is there a way I can get a version of the APK that would work?



Hi Ben_G,

As you can see from our Android guide, the minimum Android version we support is v4.

You can still use telephony-based authentication on your Gingerbread phone (think phone call or SMS passcodes), as long as your employer allows it.


Thanks very much for your reply. Since my last post a week or so, I had
another question: what kinds of permissions does the app need? Can it
remote wipe wipe your device, for example? What kind of data does it
collect from the device?

Installation of the app on my personal device is being more or less
mandated by my employer, so I’d like to know what I’m getting into.



You can see the permissions requested by an Android application in the Google Play store.

Here’s page for Duo Mobile.

Click the “View details” link under “Permissions” towards the bottom of the page.

We list what information Duo collects from your device in our Privacy Policy.


Thanks very much! :slight_smile: