Duo for 2FA for HipChat?


Anyone found a way to use Duo for 2FA for Atlassian’s HipChat? https://www.hipchat.com/

(Yes… I know Duo can be used with Slack :grin:)


Wayne, I’d suggest you watch these Atlassian issues. As soon as HipChat can use SAML authentication then you can put Duo in front of it.

SAML implementation for HipChat Server
Single Sign On (SSO)


No options from Duo like these?


If you haven’t already done so, contact your CSM or Duo’s tech support with your feature request for native HipChat on-premises server integration. That way we’ll know to notify you in the future.


Bump :speaking_head:

Anyone get HipChat working with Duo yet? Looks like HipChat now supports SAML.



HipChat’s SAML plugin is definitely active and working well. We have successfully put out 2FA using Duo via the SAML IDP that we use into which we have Duo as the 2FA after the username/password. Even if native support is not there, if you tie HipChat into your SAML IDP instance (one that supports Duo) it will work well, and be consistent UX with your other SAML authentications across the enterprise.

Be aware that once you put SAML support in, you have to also turn off the use of the AtlassianID for access to HipChat or else both routes will be active, giving a way around your SAML/Duo implementation.


Wayne and buddhake,

We’ve validated HipChat Server SSO with Duo Access Gateway (our SAML IDP product) and will have instructions for configuring SSO up on our documentation site in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your valuable feedback!


Hi @Wayne and @buddhake ,

Just wanted to let you know that our official support for HipChat server with SAML has launched: https://duo.com/docs/hipchat