Duo Environment/Server Monitoring

I have been tasked to create a monitoring solution for our Duo servers and the Duo admin panel. I am reaching out to the community to see what others are currently monitoring on their servers and how others are assuring that Duo is up and running and stays healthy. The goal is to be alerted before any major issues arise.

Currently we are monitoring the hardware resources such as CPU,RAM,HDD for any prolong spikes in usage and to make sure the HDD does not run out of space. We are monitoring the proxy service incase it goes down or is stopped somehow. Any ideas big or small would be greatly appreciated.

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Depends, do you have a monitoring tool/RMM? You can also monitor for https:, IIS, etc.

Again it depends on the tools you have available.

We do have a monitoring tool but we are currently only monitoring Hardware utilization, disk space and the proxy service. I have requested to add the Duo website to the alarms as well so we will be notified if the site goes down. Do you know of anything else useful that could be added to the alarms such as certain events or logs?

Any of the On-prem services; Launcher, DAG, etc. I ssume you can either monitor the service, or an event in the log if it goes down.