Duo doesn’t work with content restrictions?

For whatever reason, Duo’s web authentication service doesn’t work if the limit websites option is turned on.

I am trying to limit my web use and deplug, but an organization Im a part of uses Duo. So whenever I want to check in with them, I have to turn restrictions off, log in, do whatever it is I have to do, and then turn restrictions back on.

Is there a workaround for this? It’s incredibly frustrating.

Hi @ny99, thanks for sharing your question with the Duo Community! Which version of iOS are you on? If you’re using iOS 12 or newer and you don’t want to fully disable content restrictions, you can allow duosecurity.com within the Content Restrictions page on the iOS device. This will allow the Duo Prompt to display even if content restrictions are enabled. Check out this article for more on this topic: https://help.duo.com/s/article/3710