DUO Device Health Application


Device Health Application is not blocking access to application when parameters are missing. I have blocked access if firewall is disabled, I disabled firewall on my Windows 10 machine and authenticate to an application without remediation.
Device Health Application also alerting my machine requires updating when it is clearly up to date.
Logged a case with support and the response was “Thanks for reaching out, we are currently aware of this issue, our team has an internal beta that going through testing.
Please subscribe to our release notes below, this will let you know when the update is available to download”

Totaly unacceptable reply especially if I forward this to paying customers. Correct me if I’m wrong here however DUO’s Zero Trust Marketing Material is just fluff.


We released a new version of the Device Health software yesterday. Learn more here: Duo Device Health Application - Release Notes | Duo Security.

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Working now, appreciate it.

However in my opinion not supporting Firefox makes Trusted Endpoint solution limiting.


Thanks for that feedback. Please be sure to contact your Duo CSM, Account Executive, or Duo Support to add your voice to a feature request for Trusted Endpoints support for Firefox.

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