DUO DAG > Attribute/Claim transformation


Recently, I ran into an issue where the NameID needed to be sAMAccountName@domain.org and surprised to find out that DUO DAG didn’t offer this from the GUI. Raised a feature request.

In the meantime, I figured out a way to achieve this and thought of sharing it with the community in case if anyone is in the same boat.

This is through JSON import file to DAG. add the following to authproc section.

		    "10": {
                "class": "core:AttributeCopy",
                "sAMAccountName": "■■■■Suffix"
		    "11": {
                "class": "core:AttributeAlter",
				"subject": "■■■■Suffix",
                "pattern": "/$/",
                "replacement": "@domain.org"				

Note: @domain.org can be your custom domain

Finially set the “simplesaml.nameidattribute” to the new custom attriute

“simplesaml.nameidattribute”: “■■■■Suffix”,