Duo DAG and Outlook

We seem to have random issues that occur when using Outlook with Duo DAG and I’m hoping someone can shed some light on things.

1.) When some of our users change their password in Office 365 Outlook will display “NEED PASSWORD” in the bottom status bar of Outlook. If the user attempts to click on it the Duo Window opens quickly and then closes without allowing them to enter their credentials. The only way I’ve been able to fix this is by using a registry hack that sets DisableAADWAM to True.

2.) A user is repeatedly prompted with the Duo login box when starting Outlook, they enter their credentials, the mouse spins, then the window closes. After a few seconds the Duo login box appears again. When I check the DAG logs it shows successful login for that user. Not sure what is going on.

Our AD is on-premise and we use the sync tool to sync AD to the cloud.

Please contact Duo Support. Be prepared to provide your exact builds of Windows 10 and Office, as well as which update ring you are on. Additionally we’ll want to know if you are using workplace join, device registration, or hybrid Azure AD join. We have a currently ongoing thread with Microsoft about some of these password change challenges.

Hi I had the same issue.

I resolve opening office app. Logout sing in again but instead of using the accounts displayed I chose the option login with a diferent account.

I also remove credentials from windows credential manager.