Duo compatibility question

Hi all, I was just wondering if Duo Security Authentication Proxy 4.0.0 is supported on Server 2019. It’s currently on a Server 2012 R2 machine and I’m looking to upgrade the OS. I don’t see any documentation specific to this version. Thanks.

Hey @krogerss!

There shouldn’t be any issue running version 4.0.0 on Server 2019, but I would recommend upgrading to version 5.2.0 if you are already performing server maintenance.

Since 4.0.0 released last May, we’ve implemented many bug fixes and general quality of life features to the Authentication Proxy application.

Upgrading the Authentication Proxy is very straightforward, but feel free to reach out to support@duo.com if you’d like to validate your configuration file before the change.


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Great, thanks for your help. I will certainly looking into upgrading it.