Duo cloud hosted SSO and Smartsheet with generic setup

I am trying to configure Smartsheet as an SSO application within the cloud SSO. I know there is a preconfigured option for the DAG but I didn’t want to have an on prem setup. Has anyone done this successfully? I am very new to the whole SAML thing but I feel like I am 90% there. I defined the application in Duo, I have set up Duo within Smartsheet and when I access the SSO URL for Smartsheet I am redirected to Duo for authentication then when I get sent back to Smartsheet I get an error. If someone has done this before and would be willing to share their settings I’d appreciate it.


Hi @dfcox,

Could you explain what error you’re seeing from SmartSheet? I’d try to use the DAG documentation as a guide to help you figure out what values from Duo SSO need to be put into SmartSheet.

Jamie, thanks for taking a look at this. Here is the error I get from Smartsheet "Single Sign-on failed due to missing or invalid parameters. "

I did exactly what you said and had pulled down the JSON for the DAG to see what it said. I think my hang up is what to put in the nameID Attribute field since in the JSON all it says is [“simplesaml.nameidattribute”: “mail”] I did try to use the predefined EmailAddress option thats in the dropdown for that field.

I feel like I am at the door with this but I just can’t move it through. Every other piece seems to be working fine.

Hey @dfcox,

I just sent you a message to gather some more information to see if I can help you out!

I responded. Thank you for taking a look. I feel like I’ve been banging my head on a wall for the past 2 days.

How did you resolve this? I’m having the same issue currently.