Duo Checkpoint package


Hi Team

We have configured checkpoint to work with Duo. At present we getting through secondary authentication through the App using DUO Push. This is default feature. How ever, we are looking for Secondary Authentication mode to be selected by the post primary authentication with our DUO. I have seen docs for Cisco integration where the docs calls-out of getting a Duo Cisco package for getting the secondary authentication page.

Do we have a similar package developed for Checkpoint Mobile Blade Remote Access. Suggestions/guidence/directions will be appreciated.



Hello! Our Check Point integration does not offer the ability to use the Duo Prompt, which is what I believe you are referring to when you write “secondary authentication page.”

However, as indicated in the documentation for our Check Point integration, you can append “push”, “phone”, or “sms” to your password. “Push” and “phone” send an immediate 2FA request to your device, while “sms” delivers passcodes to your main phone number. You can then append an SMS-delivered passcode to your password to complete login.


Hello there,

I got your point and agree with. However, when the package for Cisco was developed for such requirement, then, why not for checkpoint?


We are pleased to support CheckPoint mobile access with our “auto push” experience via RADIUS authentication. There are no plans to support another authentication experience.