Duo bypassed in VMware Horizon 7.2 desktops


I’m rolling out a new Horizon environment with Windows 10. I’ve installed Duo Auth for Windows inside the virtual desktop image. When I log into that base image, I get prompted for authentication. After I deploy that image in Horizon, I don’t prompted for authentication on first login. If I lock the screen and log in, I DO get prompted.

I have Duo Win Login 3.0.0 installed both in that environment, and on many workstations in our environment. I only have the issue on the VDI machines.


Version 3.0.0 is two versions behind the latest. Do you experience this with the most recent release (3.1.1)?

Do your VDI connections use Blast, PCoIP, or RDP protocol to connect? When installing Duo, do you use the default option to add Duo to both remote and console logins, or have you enabled the “RDP Only” option?

I suggest you contact Duo Support directly to open a case as we probably need more information to troubleshoot this, like debug logging from your clients, etc.