Duo Authentication Proxy Logs - a better way to read them


I have a suggestion …

Duo Authentication Proxy Logs - a better way to read them. These logs can prove to be useful in troubleshooting but having them parsed and sorted for clarity and readability would be a big plus. thanks-


Hey there @MHG-NavicentHealth,

Do you have any suggestions on how you would improve readability? Could you give a snippet of a current log (with no identifying data) and then show what you suggest us change it to?

We also recently added support for making the logs SIEM-friendly. The options can be found here: https://duo.com/docs/authproxy_reference#main-section


– Jamie


I was thinking that showing the logs from within the admin console would be helpful. Make it a new and standard admin feature where the Authentication Proxy logs can be read from inside the admin web console.


M a r k G e n t r y


This would be awesome, basically like firewall logs - and make them searchable. Would make troubleshooting much easier