DUO Auth Proxy with HPE iLo

Hey all,

Has anyone had any success getting DUO to authenticate for iLo on HP servers? On the HP server, I can setup SSO with a certificate or DNS. Just wondering if anyone has gotten it to work with DUO Auth or if it is even possible?


Hi @pedrotor, I looked through our support cases to see if anyone else has had luck with this before, and it looks as though at least one customer has been successful using the Duo Authentication Proxy to set up authentication for HPE iLO logins. They used LDAP to accomplish this.

Generally you can use our generic setup guides to add Duo to applications that lack a named integration or specific deployment steps as long as the application supports SAML, RADIUS, or LDAP authentication protocols. Also, you can implement the Duo SDK to your web application. The setup guide for generic LDAP integrations can be found here.

Hope that helps!

Thank you, Amy! Appreciate the quick response and the answer I was looking for!

Will give it a go.


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